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Welcome To The Pbplus Website

What Is PBPlus?


Quite simply...PBPlus is a scalable & flexible print management system which consists of a collaborative set of software tools specifically designed for use by the serious print buyer. At the heart of PBPlus is a powerful database that is used to store every piece of information you will ever need to manage the buying and selling process of print material. Combine this with a powerful automated communications server and the result is a system that saves you time, saves you money and gives you peace of mind knowing there's a place for every detail and every detail is in its place.

We recognize that the complexities of managing print can often mean the difference between winning and losing business. PBPlus was designed to help you manage every transaction that goes through your busy office; with ease, speed and above all confidence.

Wouldn’t it be nice to offer your clients a method of reordering or placing call offs over the Internet? Well now you can. With our online procurement module you immediately have the edge over your competitors. Put the Internet to work for you and let your customers do the hard work. Let them do their own call off’s, reorder stock, even proof their own artwork.

Combine all this with PBPlus' powerful reporting engine and you'll start to see the wider picture. Create your own sophisticated management reports or design great looking layouts and templates that can give your business the edge over your competitors.

And if that's not all, with seamless integration to Sage™ Accounts there is no need for double entry bookkeeping or fiddly import / export routines.

Estimating top...

PBPlus brings you a sophisticated set of tools that can help cut the cost of procurement in half. Not only does it help your buyers respond to the needs of your clients more quickly but it also ensures they do it accurately, helping to maximize your margins and making sure you stay in control.


   Generate form specs from predefined templates.

   Request quotes from an unlimited number of suppliers.

   Automate all aspects of estimating including supplier selection and price review.

   Choose the right suppliers for the job by selecting them according to their known strengths.

   Automatically fax or email enquiries and quotes direct to their intended recipients.

Job / Order Tracking top...

PBPlus allows you to manage the complete print procurement lifecycle in a collaborative and informative way. Buyers can create job specifications, gather and evaluate pricing information, place orders with nominated suppliers and track the entire proofing stages of a job.


     Drastically reduce the time it takes to process, track and manage jobs.

     Improve communications with suppliers through electronic communication.

     Reuse or repeat existing orders and job specifications.

     Optimize your whole procedures through comprehensive set of reporting tools.

   Automatically fax or email sales orders and quotes direct to their intended recipients.

Stock & Forms Management top...

As you might expect, PBPlus has a comprehensive fully integrated stock and forms management facility that allows you to track, maintain, analyse and call off stock throughout its entire life cycle. This provides you with a comprehensive way to handle large contract orders, which have multiple call-offs or delivery zones. Each time a call-off is made, pricing and delivery details are inherited from the original order. Furthermore, call off lists allow you and your customers to see the frequency and quantity of stock being used. Expiration dates allow you to be proactive by predicting what and when customers should be reordering.


     Full stock traceability and movements analysis.

     Comprehensive stock take facility.

     Contract and free stock call of by customer or item.

     Stock usage and analysis reports.

Purchase Order Processing top...

The PBPlus purchase order processing module is fully integrated with the other components including Stock Control, Sales Order Processing and Job Tracking. POP no longer needs to be a long and tortuous task. As you might expect, purchase orders can be entered manually but more often than not can be generated automatically from the sales order processing module.


     Copy products and delivery details from a sales order directly to a purchase order.

     Fully integrated with other PBPlus modules including stock and SOP.

     Part of full receipt of goods with allowance for over-shipments.

     Update routine for posting direct to Sage™ Accounts.

   Automatically fax or email purchase orders direct to their intended recipient.

Sales Invoicing & Despatch top...

PBPlus streamlines the process of raising, tracking and maintaining sales invoices whether they are entered manually or generated via SOP or stock call off. Consolidated invoices allows you to please even those awkward customers that only want to see one invoice per month. Generate despatch notes automatically from either SOP, call off or free stock shipments.


     Fully integrated with other PBPlus modules including SOP.

     Multi line invoices and despatch notes.

     Consolidated invoicing.

     Update routine for posting direct to Sage™ Accounts.

Customer & Supplier Management top...

PBPlus provides you with everything you need to keep track of what you buy as well as what you sell. Customer analysis allows you to focus on key accounts whilst nurturing those that aren't quite as productive or fruitful as you would like them to be. Likewise focusing in on the right suppliers for the right jobs helps you make informed decisions, become more productive and ensure your margins are always maintained.


     Customer and Supplier performance analysis.

     Up to 999 customer delivery zones.

     Supplier capabilities chart.

     Real-time integration with Sage™ Accounts.

Report Writing & Analysis top...

PBPlus provides you with a comprehensive and informative reporting tool that you can use to design or amend reports and layouts such as purchase or sales invoices which do not meet your exact requirements 'out of the box'.


     Unlimited number of data groupings.

     Up to 5 sort fields.

     Simple drag and drop operation.

     User driven selection criteria by report.

Sage™ Accounts Integration top...

PBPlus can be fully integrated with your Sage Line50 Accounts suite. Forget double entry bookkeeping, PBPlus will automatically post both sales and purchase invoices direct to Sage™. Furthermore PBPlus will categorise your sales by posting to predetermined Sage™ sales groups. If you don't use Sage™ then PBPlus will provide you with a full audit of transactions that have been processed through the POP, SOP or Invoicing modules.

Internet Ordering and Call Off top...

PBPlus now enables you to offer your clients the opportunity to reorder or call off their most regular stock items over the Internet. This procurement solutions help you and your client reduce costs whilst at the same time speeds up the whole transaction process. It doesn't stop their, your clients can proof their own artwork online without a single piece of paper passing hands or one telephone call being made. And if that's not enough, no sooner than your client submits their call off requirements on the web, a despatch / picking note will be produced in your warehouse. Then to round it off you can send your clients reports on their monthly / annual usage or even break it down into cost centre analysis.



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