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Welcome To The Pbplus Website

Frequently Asked Questions


Below you will find a list of answers to the most frequently ask questions. This list is updated regularly by questions posted on our message board.


Do I need any specialised equipment to run PBPlus?
The answer to that is almost certainly no. PBPlus is a 32bit Windows driven application so as long as you have a PC running Windows '98 then you'll have no problems.
What if I want to run PBPlus across my LAN?
PBPlus can run in either stand alone or multi-user mode. Check the prerequisites page for more details. If you have any doubts then we suggest that you consult with your reseller.
Will I be able to email my document as well as fax them to my customers and suppliers?
Yes. The PBPlus communications server allows you to schedule both emails and faxes to your intended recipients. Emails are sent as PDF attachments so that they can be read via the industry standard Adobe Acrobat Reader.
Can you supply the hardware and networking equipment that I require to run PBPlus?
Yes. Your reseller will be able to supply all the equipment you need. They will, as a matter of course perform an SIP (system implementation plan) before any work is undertaken at which time they will be able to evaluate the equipment you have, what you may need and the costs you will incur.
What kind of support and after sales service can I expect?
Included in your purchase will be a AMP (annual maintenance plan) which ensures that you are kept up to date will all program updates and any new releases of the software. Support can be obtained via the website or direct from your reseller.
What other support will I be offered?
If you have access to broadband in your area then you can take advantage of online support direct from your reseller. This is achieved via VPN (virtual private networking) which is basically a secure and direct connection that your reseller will have into your system. Whist this service is FOC you may need to invest in some additional equipment to facilitate it.

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